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 Welcome to the FIT Customer Portal


Welcome to IBTS’ FIT Portal.
  IBTS is a Not For Profit 501(3)(c) Corporation.  Our FIT Sites are built, by jurisdiction, to enable customers and jurisdiction personnel to submit and process building permits, obtain permitting requirements, calculate fees, pay the permitting fees, process plan reviews, upload documents and check the status of a permit.  The FIT-Portal site was built specifically for you as the customer to submit a permit application and pay your permit fees on-line without having to visit the permit office and wait in line.  If this process doesn’t work for you, please feel free to come to the permit office for assistance.


To use the FIT Portal, you must first register. Click on the navigation button above entitle "Register" to complete the registration form.
IMPORTANT NOTE:  Once you register, your account must be approved before you can gain access.  If you are registering outside of normal business hours, your account will be approved as soon as possible on the 1st business day after you submit your request.  You will receive an email once your account is approved and active.  If you do not hear within 24 hours after normal business hours have resumed, please feel free to call 225-262-5000 to check the status of your request.
The Search feature allows the customer to search for Permit by various categories: State, Jurisdiction, Permit Number, Address, City, etc.
The statistics button above directs to the page where you may analyze Statistical data for Applications Submitted, Permits Issued and Inspections Conducted.​

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